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Construction Sites Pose A Risk To Workers’ Safety

Construction is an inherently dangerous line of work — with so many people and powerful tools and moving parts, it’s inevitable that sooner or later someone will get injured while on the job. When this happens, your highest priority should be receiving proper medical treatment. After that, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Even if your injury seems minor, it’s crucial to document the incident in case more symptoms appear later. Medical bills can quickly drain your bank account and an injury that prevents you from working will just make it that much harder to pay your bills. Fortunately, California’s workers’ compensation laws exist to protect you.

The Law Offices of Lester Friedman are committed to helping you stay gainfully employed, or adequately compensated when an injury prevents you from working. We will analyze the details of your case and craft a legal strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Get Fair Compensation For A Construction Site Injury

Construction workers face a wide range of safety hazards on site, that can result in injuries including:

Whether your injury is bearable or catastrophic, we can help you work with your employer, your insurer, and medical service providers to ensure that you receive proper medical care with adequate financial support.

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