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When A Work Accident Causes Permanent Disability

Few things are more frightening than facing a permanent disability, especially when the disability is the result of a sudden, unexpected injury. Besides the immediate physical limitations, a disability obviously makes it harder to make a living and support yourself.

Workers’ compensation benefits cannot restore your health or even fully make up for missed work in the long term, but these benefits can help you pay medical bills and other expenses as you look for work better suited to your ability set, or until you secure long-term assistance such as Social Security Disability benefits.

In this difficult time, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Lester Friedman are here to help you get the full benefits to which you are entitled, to assist you in making the best decisions based on the options available to you.

Proper Documentation Is Key

In the legal realm, the first step after a work-related accident is to obtain documented proof of your disability. Usually this means asking a doctor to verify your condition in the appropriate documents.

We will also help you file your workers’ compensation claim punctually so that you can collect benefits as soon as possible. And we will advise you on next steps after the initial workers’ comp paperwork is complete, so that you can make the necessary modifications to your work life and home life in order to continue living a satisfying, productive life.

Let Us Help You Navigate The Workers’ Comp World

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