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The Law Offices of Lester Friedman is committed to protecting your health and your livelihood.

Maximizing The Settlement You Deserve

No matter what your occupation is, we have the knowledge, experience and tenacity needed to successfully represent you in all types of work accident and occupational claims, including continuous trauma injury claims, total disability claims and work related death claims.

Our Judgment is the Difference

We have a unique skill set to litigate workers’ compensation cases. Our ability to understand complex, cumulative and psychological injuries as well as other types of workplace injuries are at the core of our practice. Workers’ compensation in California is a seemingly never ending maze of conflicting rulings, arbitrary medical guidelines and shifting opinions. You need an advocate who is current with the latest rulings. If your case goes to trial, rest assured you will have a team that is fully prepared to thoroughly present your case.

Our Law Office will:

  • Provide a free evaluation of your California workers compensation case
  • Help facilitate medical care that is reasonable and necessary to help cure or relieve from the effects of the injury.
  • Help to obtain temporary disability benefits while you are unable to work.
  • Maximize permanent disability benefits for the permanent effects of the injury.
  • Help facilitate supplemental job displacement benefits if you are unable to return to your job.
  • Obtain death benefits for the family of a worker fatally injured at work.
  • Take your case on contingency. There is no fee if we cannot obtain benefits.
  • Fight for the maximum amount of monetary compensation for you and your family.

Let Us Help You Navigate The Workers’ Compensation World

You can rely on the Law Offices of Lester Friedman. We have decades of experience and a reputation for winning the maximum compensation that our clients deserve.

To see how we can help in your case, contact us online or call us today at 310-275-1433 for a confidential initial consultation in our Beverly Hills office.