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What To Expect When Injured

Every workplace is required to provide an employee that has been injured on the job with workers’ compensation benefits whether or not it is the fault of the employer. If you have been injured while in the course and scope of your employment and the injury arises out of your employment you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

It’s important to file your report as soon as possible. Under California law, you have just one year from the date of your injury or the last furnishing of benefits to file your claim. In the wake of an injury and an uncertain future, this time can pass very quickly. Be sure to document your injury with a doctor immediately, and to speak with an attorney soon after.

Examples of work related injuries include (but are not limited to) the following types of situations:

  • Specific injuries while lifting, pulling, or carrying objects
  • Repetitive trauma injuries such as lifting, pulling or carrying objects over a period of time
  • Specific injuries such as a slip and fall or being struck by an object
  • Injuries caused by machinery or vehicles
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Injuries caused by co-employees while at work
  • Injuries at work resulting in death
  • Injuries caused as a result of inadequate staffing
  • Any work injury resulting in the need for medical care
  • Any work injury resulting in the loss of time from the job

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